Friday, October 25, 2019

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Williams 1 Michael R. Williams Jr. Ms. White English 3 14 October 2013 The Illuminati Did you know that the Illuminati originated around the 1760s. A Freemason named Adam Weishaupt started it all by himself. The Illuminati’s ultimate goal is to make the world all one big government and one big religion (religion is allegedly known to be Scientific). The hopes were for the borders around each country, state, et cetera to be diminished. They have been pursuing their goal since the French Revolution. The ‘International Bankers’ helped finance the Illuminati so they could start the path iwhich was their main goal. (Ellis-Christensen) The Illuminati was credited for weakening the British and French Empire, which was their first step in their plan that was written in the 1770s (Ellis-Christensen). In the 1780s the Bavarian Government found out about the Illuminati and the government forced the Illuminati to â€Å"stop† what they were doing. But the Illuminati continued doing their strategic plan(s) by going under different aliases; so the Bavarian Government wouldn’t catch them again. By doing so and still continuing their plans, the Illuminati acclaimed to have taken complete control over the European Government, they were helped once again by their alliance the International Bankers, to succeed at doing this. (Wallace) Williams 2 The Illuminati was supposedly the cause of the â€Å"Congress of Vienna† which was formed to still make the world a one-world government. But the attempt was a failure due to Russia not agreeing, so it never happened. A director by the name of Karl Marx created an idea to divide races up into different camps to brainwash them. Once everybody was brainwashed the idea was for the different races to fight each... think. The one world government and religion may just happen, but we won’t know until it happens--if it happens. Certain people can join it, but can you leave? The outside public will never know, we just have to go off assumptions on what happens within the Illuminati. If you leave you might just have to die, but you never know you might be able to just leave? People ask why I would choose this topic, because it’s a very controversial topic to do and it would come with criticism. Even though it is a topic that’s surrounded around controversy it’s a great topic to choose and talk about. People just fear what they don’t understand and a lot of people don’t understand the Illuminati--so that’s why they fear it and rather avoid anything dealing with it. The Illuminati has a long history dating back to year 1784, and it’s still continuing on until this day.

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